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Our Financial Advice Process

How It Works

We guide all new clients through a structured process that starts with a complimentary 1-hour discovery session to get to know you and determine your needs.

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We meet with you either in person at our Wellington-based office, or via video call. In this session we get to know you, your circumstances and goals for the future. We work through a series of questions that encourage self-reflection to identify areas we can help – from financial planning and money management, to insurance, KiwiSaver and investments. We also introduce you to the smart technology we use to gather information and insights about your financial position. From here, we recommend one of our packages that will best suit your needs. If you meet us and feel we’re not the right fit, that’s completely okay. We’ll make every effort to connect you with someone more suited to assist you.

2. Kick-start Session add remove

We take you through the smart technology we use in more detail. Through cashflow modelling, we’re able to create clever graph-based pictures of your finances to help you make more informed, evidence-based decisions about your future. This financial modelling not only provides a picture of your current situation, but allows for changes in income, housing, family and other plans over time. During this session, we kick-start your journey with us by entering and analysing your financial data from the last 3 months.

3. Follow-up Session add remove

We enter another 9 months worth of your financial data. By the end of this session, we’ve captured a complete picture of your finances from the last 12 months. We analyse the data, show you the impact of changes in income, housing and family etc. We recommend strategies to improve your financial well-being including how to save, where to invest and how to protect your wealth. At this stage, we’ll also introduce you to trusted professionals from our partner network, including investment managers, lenders, and legal and tax consultants.

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We have regular meetings with you to review your progress and help you to stay on track. If your circumstances or goals change, then so too can your plan. During these sessions, we’ll provide follow-up financial advice and coaching to keep you moving in the right direction.

Our Process

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All Blue Canoe packages include a complimentary, no-obligation discovery session. Book yours to start planning today!

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