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Financial Planning

A smooth financial journey starts with a clear financial plan

Financial planning brings clarity to your situation, enhances your financial well-being, and empowers you to make proactive choices that align with your aspirations.

Our financial advisers are here to help you to realise the future you want, and build a clear plan to get you there. We’ll help you set goals and develop financial strategies to achieve them, from effective budgeting and debt management to building and protecting wealth.

Move Forward With the Right Advice at Every Turn

No matter where you are on your financial journey, we can help you get to where you want to go faster.

Establish a Base

Embark on your financial journey by establishing a robust financial plan for your future. We're here to help you achieve both short-term objectives, such as clearing existing debts, and long-term dreams like saving for your first home. Let's get your banking and KiwiSaver setup sorted, instil mindful spending habits and boost your savings.

Build Wealth

Propel your financial trajectory while safeguarding your hard-earned achievements. Let’s explore effective strategies to eliminate your home loan or other lingering debts while amplifying your savings for major milestones, like your children’s education. Explore investment possibilities, from property to managed funds. And secure a safety net with the right mix of insurances for you, your loved ones, or business.

Prepare for Retirement

Embrace your retirement years with peace of mind, knowing you and your loved ones are taken care of. We’ll help you craft a financial plan which includes KiwiSaver, investment and other strategies to ensure a comfortable retirement. And if you intend to leave a legacy for your kids or other beneficiaries, we can support your estate planning.

Financial Planning Software

Navigate Your Financial Journey with Data-Driven Precision

We use real-time data as part of our financial planning approach. While many financial advisers rely on instinct alone to recommend strategies for their clients, we remove the guesswork. By combining our 35+ years experience and expertise with data-driven insights about your finances, we make it easy for you to understand the reasons behind our advice. We create graph-based pictures of your financial situation so, with our help, you can:

Book A Free Discovery Session

All Blue Canoe packages include a complimentary, no-obligation discovery session. Book yours to start planning today!

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